Episode 40

Jerry loves Godzilla.

Jerry loves Godzilla.

It’s been a while, and it will be a while again. Dan and I just dropped in to let you know that we’re still alive, but there’s been a lot of changes in our lives and careers.

When we began recording this episode it was with the full intention of simply saying thank you and goodbye, that we were putting the podcast to bed. But during the actual recording Dan got another idea.

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Episode 39



Real life ghosts. As in, seeing pictures of the now grown-up child of someone you knew well, but is long gone — who looks exactly like the person who’s passed away. We touch upon that … a very personal story for both of us. We also skirt around some zombie and witch stories, and then begin brainstorming what could be something actually original in the horror genre — and ultimately only catalog what’s already been done. So we put it to you: what new, original thing would you like to see in horror and/or science fiction? Also, what movie or TV episode would you like us to watch and discuss?

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Episode 38

Jerrys-SlendermanBack from the dead. Again. Hello!


As Dan would say, “You can’t keep a good zombie down.” We’ve dug out way out of 15 months of slumber and are back, talking about The Walking Dead, the series; about watching The Walking Dead “Lets Play” videos on YouTube; keeping up with The Game of Thrones via South Park; Supernatural and fan-feedback loops; Slenderman and open-source horror; the movie “The Purge” and possible connections to Devil’s Night; and finally, why Jerry is so happy he didn’t watch all the Star Trek episodes when they first aired. Also, his favorite show “Red Dwarf” gets a mention and some love.

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Episode 37


Zombie Dan gonna eat you.

Hello and welcome to our end of the world wrap-up episode, including a message from our surprise guest – the Prime Minister of Australia!


Dan recounts his experience of being part of a zombie assembly line, which included his head being cut open and getting a shotgun blast to the chest, after which they put him in a holding pen.

Jerry and Dan deconstruct the film “Cabin in the Woods,” and why it gave Jerry nightmares.

Jerry asks Dan what would be considered the zombie bible¬†nowadays, as in, what work of zombie lore would actually be considered the authority of what is and what isn’t proper “zombism.” Specific old movies? The Walking Dead? The Zombie Survival Guide?

Both also share what lame survival plans they have for when the world ends this coming Friday. Also covered are the 8 essential elements of a proper end of the world party.


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