Episode 29

What’s scarier than a clown? A zombie clown.


Dan and Jerry wrap up Walking Dead’s second season with questions and spoilers. Jerry wonders if starting with season three, the whole thing is going to get a lot less realistic.

So, according to The Walking Dead, zombies … follow helicopters?

Dan discusses his feelings (or lack thereof) for “Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-animation,” in which the only good thing about the film was Jeffrey Combs. Also discussed are the animated features on the “I Am Legend” DVD which, in many ways, are much more interesting than the actual film.

Dan and Jerry also discuss the upcoming Run For Your Lifes zombie races, in which Dan is participating (as a shuffling zombie, of course), and also talk about the documentary “Girl 27” which is an example of how there really is horror in real life, and the worse monsters are human.

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