Episode 35

This has nothing to do with this episode, but it’s damn cool!

Zombism is spreading. Or maybe just the bath salt drug? It will be interesting to see how it affects the upcoming presidential elections.


Only minutes before recording this episode, Jerry’s daughter introduced him to her new favorite band, “Creature Feature,” and Jerry loved it so much he used one of their songs for the outro. Good stuff! When he brought it up to Dan, Dan introduced Jerry to “The Creepy Creeps.”

Did you know there’s a special target range, and we’re talking about one with real guns, where they ┬áteach you to survive the zombie apocalypse? Real zombie hunting with real guns? Yikes!

Speaking of which, after the inevitable happens and we’re all zombies, what happens to love? Well, fear not – there’s a zombie dating site!

Zombies in Shakespeare? Why not? This is something Jerry meant to bring up during the episode but forgot, and so he’s linking to it here: Hamlet Z


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