Episode 35

This has nothing to do with this episode, but it’s damn cool!

Zombism is spreading. Or maybe just the bath salt drug? It will be interesting to see how it affects the upcoming presidential elections.


Only minutes before recording this episode, Jerry’s daughter introduced him to her new favorite band, “Creature Feature,” and Jerry loved it so much he used one of their songs for the outro. Good stuff! When he brought it up to Dan, Dan introduced Jerry to “The Creepy Creeps.”

Did you know there’s a special target range, and we’re talking about one with real guns, where they  teach you to survive the zombie apocalypse? Real zombie hunting with real guns? Yikes!

Speaking of which, after the inevitable happens and we’re all zombies, what happens to love? Well, fear not – there’s a zombie dating site!

Zombies in Shakespeare? Why not? This is something Jerry meant to bring up during the episode but forgot, and so he’s linking to it here: Hamlet Z


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Episode 34


Back from our summer hiatus, Dan and I are glad that the zombie apocalypse didn’t happen without us.

Lots of good books in this episode, including Zombies on a Plane by Brooks Peck. Dan gives his belated review of the Alien kinda-prequel movie, and Jerry gives him advise on how to keep his brain from deteriorating. Also Jerry gives his review of Death Wish Coffee, the coffee strong enough to awaken the dead.

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Episode 33

Which one is more bad ass?


Between people eating off other people’s faces, throwing their own intestines at the police, and genetics laboratories tweeting for people to evacuate the immediate vicinity, Dan and Jerry are pretty much convinced the Zombie Apocalypse is nigh.

Jerry is on an alien invasion kick and compares the two main movie versions of The War of the Worlds.

Dan is ready to go buy some guns and stock up on bottled water.

Both can’t wait to see Prometheus. And both liked the sci-fi indie “Monsters” with tentacled aliens which are actually cool in a non-ironic way.

Dan gives his take on Dark Shadows. He liked it. Did you?

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Episode 32


This charming little fellow is “Slicey the Pig” from Archie McPhee. We like Archie McPhee. We love them, in fact.

Archie McPhee, Y U not want 2 B friends with us?

In this thrilling episode of Zombie Beach Podcast, Dan and Jerry discuss the Fangoria Weekend of Horror, Doctor Who: The Movie (1996), as well as the movies Sanctuary, The Howling, and Fright Night … as well as touching upon just about every movie Jerry has on his Netflix list.

Also mentioned: Underwear of the Damned.

And, what about this idea? Bring back ALF, but in a straight faced action adventure spoof? Would that be fun or what?

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