Returning from the dead in 2012

Back in 2009 Dan and I started a little podcast called “It Came from the Living Horror of Zombie Beach,” which wasn’t really that much about zombies — we just named it that because of a funny recording Dan did back when we were in college, a spoof trailer to a B-movie horror flick. It stumbled along until we realized that, yes, it really needed to have something to do with zombies, because that’s what listeners were showing up to hear.

Somewhere along the way we “podfaded” (the term for a podcast that faded out, usually due to lack of time or interest on the creator’s parts). In our case it was time. That, and shifting interests. We later went on to create Slow Death in the Afternoon Podcast, which revolves somewhat around the drinking of absinthe — something Dan has been into for years, and which I got into somewhere in the middle of doing Zombie Beach.

Now we’ve come full circle and have rediscovered our interest in zombies, bad science fiction, and generally anything that is weird and twisted. And so we’ve decided to resurrect our old Zombie Beach podcast.

The official title is still “It Came from the Living Horror of Zombie Beach” (so as to not confuse it with other things out there on the Internets called “Zombie Beach.”

Check back again in January 2012. We’ll be here with a brand new episode!

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